My Himalayan Salt

Thought to be as much as 800 million years old, the source of Himalayan Salt is from one of the oldest and largest salt mines in the world. Located in the Punjab district of Pakistan, the Khewra Salt Mine is the home to these stunning pink crystals. These salt crystals are painstakingly hand-extracted from these sacred and healing caves.
Residing in the pristine and sacred salt caves has its benefits, as the Himalayan Salt has the advantage of avoiding outside pollutants and toxins, where it has been sheltered for millions of years. Beyond the clean locations, the salt itself has a long list of health benefits.



Questions and Concerns:

• Replacement bulb for lamp C7-15 watt • Replacement bulb for nightlight C7-4 or 7 watt
• Cleaning: if the salt crystals become dirty, gently wipe with moist cloth to clean and then turn on lamp to dry out all moisture.